On My Balcony

On My Balcony The clouds are low today. I know if I go down, Down and still down, The earth will be warm And brown. Muddy from the Rainy days past. The clouds are silent, Gently swirling. Stirred by God. Quietly I stand in His cappuccino.

<html><head></head><body>The Christmas Feeling<div>It’s my bestest most favouritist time of year.&nbsp;</div><div>I love birthdays because it’s the one day in the year where we get to celebrate YOU! We celebrate all the good things about you and you get gifts which speak to you. Gifts, which most times, are thought out by friends and family, and which … More


So, I’m trying to make changes to my blog. I haven’t written anything in more than a year, and I know it’s time to get back into it. Change is not always a fun thing to go through, but it does move you onto a new path with, perhaps, new opportunities. I’m hoping my blog … More Changes

Apron Strings

The Caveman and I have reached that point in our lives where we’re almost proper middle aged parents. It came as a shock, but we’ve sucked it up like the troopers we are. Stretch has  moved out and gone off to varsity (college in American speak). I don’t think either of us want him to … More Apron Strings

Inside Out

So many things to say So many things I want to say So many things I’ve seen So many things I’ve heard But I’ll keep it inside To keep the peace To keep the fragile status quo  To keep you happy  My insides will knot My stomach will churn My heart will break Again But … More Inside Out


Dear women everywhere, What kind of drugs are we all on? It seems we all go around telling everybody to live their lives and be themselves, but oh how we love to criticize each other. Recently I’ve received another snide little remark about my life. I’m a stay-at-home mom; a housewife; whatever you want to … More Ladies…


Sometime back someone commented on the fact that I haven’t written a blog post for some time. This is true. However, I am not sure if ‘faceplant!’ should continue. It has been good – much fun has been had along with many thoughts. I had felt that I had a place to voice my deep … More ENOUGH!!