Getting Back To Reality

The Caveman, Stretch, Mouse and I finally moved house. We are not quite 100% settled in, but that’s mostly due to the still-sealed boxes stacked in the study.

The whole thing of selling and buying happened so much faster than we expected. The Caveman and I thought it would take months to sell our house. It happened in six weeks. Then we had another six to find a new house and move. It was a whirlwind of sorting, clearing, packing, organising and eventually moving. We made it! We moved into a dream house, high up on a hill with a fantastic view of the Johannesburg City skyline. It’s amazing to watch the sun rise over the city and see the sunset colours across the sky. Then, at night watching the city lights twinkle like millions of stars in our reach. It’s The Caveman’s dream- being high above the rest of the world and being able to see all that surrounds him. I must say that I was never that intrigued by having a house with a view, but now that we have it, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to live ‘on the ground’ again. Next step: a house with a view at the sea…

Stretch and Mouse are quite happy, not just to have bedrooms with views, but also because we finally redecorated their bedrooms. For a while they’ll be on the top of the cool pile, especially Stretch with his new Beats by Dr Dre.

The painters should be done soon and we can get our dogs back- they’re having a ‘holiday’ at the Grandparents. I’m really missing the eight legs with their tail-wagging welcomes. On the plus side, our usually elusive and unloving cat has become a people loving stay-at-home fur ball.

Now that we’ve moved and most of our boxes are unpacked and life is settling back to some sort of normality, I can do what I love: write. So, don’t stray too far, new blog posts will be up weekly.


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