“It’s the most wonderful time of the year. ”
For me it really is. Some people I know don’t like the Christmas season. All they see is the commercialized aspect, the running around gift buying madness and the drain on bank accounts. Maybe they remember a time when this time of year was filled with sadness, or maybe they’re looking at what others have and they don’t. Whatever it is, they’re forgetting to look at the magic.
That’s what it is for me. A time of hope, possibilities and magic. Maybe it’s a naïve outlook at my age, but I don’t care. I love Christmas.
In South Africa it’s our summer holidays, so the joy and excitement aredoubled. The school year has come to an end. We have about eight weeks ahead of us where everyone is on holiday and almost half the country is away from home. Families are together, there’s parties all the time and the sun goes down late.
But there’s magic in the air.
When the Christmas season rolls around, I can feel it. With the first ‘Carols by Candlelight’ my heart starts to do excited little flick flacks. It has nothing to do with the promise of gifts (although, let’s be honest, that’s fun); it has more to do with remembering the feelings associated with Christmas as a child.
As an adult, I know that Santa is a myth. There’re no elves frantically bashing toys together at the last minute for those of us who slid onto the nice list at the last minute. Rudolf is not a big red nosed talking reindeer left out of the sleigh ride. I KNOW all of these things. But I CHOOSE to believe them anyway.
As a Christian, I believe in The Virgin Birth and all the singing Angels, adoring sheep, shepherds and wise men that go along with the miracle. I choose to believe this as well.
I go all out with decorations- even having the portable ones for when we’re on holiday and away from home. I’ll decorate every nook and cranny of our house. If South Africa had a more reliable electricity supply, I’d have my house wrapped in lights. Next year, I’m definitely investing in solar powered outdoor lights.
The people who hate this season- try, please to remember the joy and wonder you experienced as a child. Remember how the excitement built up deep inside of you. Remember the feeling of climbing into bed on Christmas Eve and not wanting to sleep but trying to force sleep on yourself so that morning would arrive sooner. Forget, for a while, what you didn’t/ don’t have. Forget what could be better. Forget your fights and regrets. Remember the miracles, the hope and the magic.
Merry Christmas everyone 🎄🎅IMG_1263-0.JPG


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