Being Quizzical

Quizzes. I love them. The sillier, the better. Those ridiculous ones in magazines and those doing the rounds on social media. I enjoy the frivolity of finding out who I am, where I’ve been, where I’m going, where I should go and which One Directioner I should marry; even though I’m already married and too old for Zane Malik. Still.
What I’ve found out about myself:
I’m a twenty three year old disco queen who sounds 23 and my theme song is “Wild Thing” by The Troggs. I’m pretty much like my mother; a geek who should be a writer living in a big city by the sea. I’m a born leader, psychic, brilliant emotion detector and my guardian angel is my great grandmother, but my soul element is air, so I guess that explains everything.
My brain is 96% healthy and 70% male, but a creative genius whose greater purpose is to inspire others through the arts and creativity. My secret madness is anxiety, I forgive too easily and I’m prone to radicalism.
Apparently I will have two children. I married a control freak who is a brave fighter. If I was your sibling I’d be The Sweet Sister. Lucky you. My temper could be likened to an avalanche, but I think with my head which makes me rational, logical and peaceful to the point of being almost completely Zen. I look at thing clearly and unemotionally; I’m calculating and a bit cunning.
When I am an old Hillbilly cowgirl hippie my name will be Bertha Savannah Cheyenne Butterfly Serenity but I’ll use my pen name Sapphire Stone. Oh, and you’ll find me working at my perfect Wild West job as a Saloon Girl.
The truth is that I’m over 40, but forty is the new twenty, so I’ll be 23 for a while still. I am a bit of a geek and like most women, the thought of becoming my mother terrifies me as does the thought of my long departed great grandmother looking over my shoulder. I mean, where is she when I’m in the bathroom? Does she just hang around and wait for my exit? As a psychic I should be able to accept this but my healthy male, logical brain with its anxieties can’t cope. However I’m sweet and forgiving and terribly Zen, so once again all is balanced. I do have two children (so they got that one right. The Caveman can be a bit of a control freak, but honestly I can’t say that I never am. I do believe that if he’s ever in the situation, he will be a brave fighter
If you’re in need of a radical leader, I’m your woman. I will inspire others with my creativity, I can read emotions from a mile off and while I’m calculating and a bit cunning, I will be Disco dancing to ‘Wild Thing’.
We should all do these quizzes and change the world of resume writing. It would be so much more fun than the traditional place of study, last place of work boringness. The question “Where do you see yourself in five years?” could be answered with a smiling, “Sitting in your chair, taking over the company because I’m a born leader. Not to worry though, because I’m sweet so I’ll let you sing Wild Thing with me.”
Happy quizzing this weekend. I’m off to find out how I’m going to die and what I’ll come back as in my next life.


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