There seems to some confusion re my last post – “Are You Going To Put That In Your Mouth?”.

No, even now; my dear Caveman; it’s nothing sexual. Sorry.

The confusion seems to be over whether I’m pro or anti GMO’s s etc. Truth is that I’m about as confused as the rest of you guys. The thing is that I do not in any way condone GMO or Hormone Induced foods. What I was trying to convey is that it’s really difficult to live a Green lifestyle AND non-shitty food lifestyle AT THE SAME TIME.

If I go to the health food/ natural/organic/ hippie store and buy our gluten free, fat free, fun free foods; what am I doing to the environment? How many of those foods are lovingly housed in plastic packaging? What happens to that plastic when you’ re done with it?

THAT” S THE THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We avoid one thing, but inevitably end up screwing up something else. On the other hand –  I try to save the environment by buying things in recycled/ recyclable materials; then it turns out that those foods are GMO/ hormone induced/ fake/ synthetic based. What??!!??

We read food labels, but do we fully understand them and know where those ingredients come from? Vegetable oil? Which vegetable? How was it farmed, produced and processed? How did it get into your food?

Gluten free? Cool. How did that rice/ potato/ corn flour get there? Maybe more importantly- how  was it grown?

I can go on about this for hours and hours and a few more minutes which you don’ t have. Just gimme a minute or twelve.

That’ s the thing- when we’ re thinking that we’ re doing good in one area, we shoot ourselves in the other foot. We eat well, healthy, organic even; but how is all that stuff packaged? If it’s a ready-made healthy meal, where did all the ingredients come from?

The question had to have a beginning… This is where… Something few people know about me. I’ m a beautician. Proper-like. Four years trained and all that. So I should know my shit right? Kinda.  One thing I learned and picked up during my few years of studying and working in that industry was that if it says “Animal Friendly” , it doesn’ t mean that it is. The product itself might not be tested on animals, but the INGREDIENTS might be.  Think about that…

So where is your love for everything and everyone? Where is you Greenself now?

If you’ re going to go there, go there and be 100% committed; or shut the hell up and be be like the rest of us who try as best we can.

Close your eyes, hold thumbs, cross whatever you have and click your heels three times; and hope for the best!



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