Drunk Pasta

This recipe has been around for a while and I always have a good laugh at restaurants who claim that they’ve invented it. You might see it on the menu as some sort of pasta dish with a vodka sauce.

This is my version. I list ingredients in the order that they’re used. Also, unless I’m baking, measurements are kinda more or less exactly to taste.


Drunk Pasta

1 onion, roughly chopped

Some garlic

Saute these in olive oil

Add a handful of basil – leaves and stems, whatever

Saute a bit more

Add a can of tomatoes.

Add stock- beef, chicken or veg. Like a cup of it, but hot.

Throw in tomato paste – I use those sachet ones

Add about 250ml of vodka (I often just use the tomato can to measure)

Let that all simmer.

I guess this is the tricky part – you need to keep sniffing at it. When the aroma of vodka has gone, you can move on… You’ll know when the alcohol has cooked out because your eyes and nostrils will stop burning.

Whizz it all up with a hand blender, or don’t, if you don’t have one. Mash that stuff up any way you can. Get it as smooth as possible.

Add a 250ml tub of cream or Creme Fraiche. Let’s not play though, double proper full fat cream works best.

Turn the heat down to its lowest and let the sauce simmer.

Throw it over some cooked pasta of your choice.

Maybe, if you want, grate some Parmigiana cheese over and crack some black pepper over. Maybe add a bit of chilli. Whatever.

If you want to be all dinner-party-fancy, decorate with ribbons of smoked salmon and a TOUCH of dill. It’s also quite yummy with bits of crispy fried bacon thrown over the top.


Meatless Monday is a few days away, so try and enjoy (obv without any meat).

If you don’t use alcohol, I don’t know, I haven’t yet figured out an alternative.




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