Why Your Honesty Is A Load Of Trash…

I absolutely LOVE honest people.They’re my favourite types really. Over my forty something years on earth, I’ve noticed that it’s the honest ones who are the most sensitive and supposedly perfect.
Don’t believe me? That’s a challenge for you to test it out for yourself. I’ll share with you some of what I’ve experienced with The Honests.
I’ve found that the people who are honest and willing to tell you all your faults and what’s what about life, are the ones who have the inability to cope with that exact same treatment when it comes back at them.

“If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people.” – Virginia Wolf –

The Honests, I’ve found, are often highly critical, perfectionists, dishonest and inconsiderate.

Critical: they tend to spend much of their time looking at what others are doing ‘wrong’. It doesn’t mean that the other person has actually done wrong, they’ve just done it differently than The Honest. The Honests forget to appreciate what they have – they’d rather criticize than appreciate.

Perfectionists:  they’ve painted a pretty little picture in their heads of how life should be and where and how you should fit in. If you’re not living up to their standard, or you’re dealing with your own picture, then you’re wrong and need to be chatted to. Or ignored.

Dishonest: as much as The Honest like to be truthful about your behaviour, they tend to be dishonest with you and themselves about their own actions and lives. Often editing stories to make themselves look better, they hide things and then say that they were only trying to protect you.

Inconsiderate: they really don’t care about the person on the other side of their words. As long as they can vomit their words all over you, they’re happy and everything is fine in their little worlds. Your emotions, life and sanity mean very little to them Here’s the deal with The Honests – they spew their words out over you and leave you to deal with it all. There’s no room for you to answer. Your job is purely to change your life, improve yourself and fit in with their ideal.

You’re the bad person, the one who’s wrong, the one who needs to change. You and everyone else on earth. There’s a colony of Honests on earth and we all know a few. It’s tiring trying to live up to their ideals, especially if you know more than one. It becomes exhausting trying to deal with more than one – you’re always going to be wrong somewhere. What they don’t realise is that often when they start, we roll our eyes, block them out and sing a happy little song in our heads.

I do know some people who are really honest. Actually I think the word might be authentic. These are the people who you actually enjoy being around because they are happy within themselves and their lives. They are the “you get what you see” people. They live their lives, do what they want and offer you the same courtesy. They put no pressure on you to perform better, be a better person or be more involved in THEIR lives; because they understand that we each have a journey to travel. They understand that life gets busy for all of us. They know that we all make mistakes and screw up sometimes. They have no expectations of you. These Authentics are the ones with whom you always know exactly where you stand – if they don’t like you, they simply won’t be your friend. These Authentics are my favourite people.


One thought on “Why Your Honesty Is A Load Of Trash…

  1. Love your perspective! I thought you were insulting me as one of the “Honests” then I realised you would put me in the “Authentic” category. I’m more honest with my own faults than other peoples! Might pop over and look at some of your other posts. Have a great day, I enjoyed this read.


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