Sometime back someone commented on the fact that I haven’t written a blog post for some time. This is true. However, I am not sure if ‘faceplant!’ should continue. It has been good – much fun has been had along with many thoughts. I had felt that I had a place to voice my deep or random thoughts. The thing is that the people who matter to me are often upset, and as usual with most humans, it was never my intention to cause upset.
So maybe it’s time to put the blog aside. Do I redesign the blog?
I am tired of trying to figure out who will take offense.
Tired of writing then rewriting and eventually deleting the whole lot.
It’s enough.
Wait, don’t get me wrong- I can take the comments or criticisms, but I’m done having some people being sensitive and offended and angry at me.
Even now as I write, I’m making a mental list of all the people who will be having something to say and have a moan about.
I’ve written about my emotions, thoughts, fears, opinions and put myself out there. Now I’ve just had enough. Mostly enough of people.
Enough of those who say they don’t gossip but make stuff up about people and then are shocked when confronted by their lies
Enough of people who tell you not to be nasty but never have a kind word
Enough of those who say they’re humble, but are full of pride
Enough of people who say they think about others’ feelings but whose words are hurtful.

Enough of people who worry about others’ lives and don’t concentrate on their own

Enough of people who say they love everyone but cannot show love to anyone.
Enough of those who take but never give
Enough of people who tell you not to ‘make it about yourself’ but only the want everything their own way.
It’s just enough.
I’m tired
Tired of trying to please when I never believed myself to be a people pleaser.
Tired of trying to think before I act or speak and offend
I’m tired
It’s enough

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