Dear women everywhere,

What kind of drugs are we all on? It seems we all go around telling everybody to live their lives and be themselves, but oh how we love to criticize each other.

Recently I’ve received another snide little remark about my life. I’m a stay-at-home mom; a housewife; whatever you want to call me. Every day I know how lucky I am to be in this position. So often I hear other women (working women), say such lovely things like: “I can’t be one of those women who stays home and is dependent on a man” , “I couldn’t stay home and do nothing” ; “I’d love to stay home and just have facials and manicures everyday” and my favourite: “You shouldn’t vote because you don’t pay taxes”.

You make me laugh at you behind your back. If you are married and working, you are still dependent on your partner – you depend on them for their half of the morgage/ rent, groceries, and other household expenses. How easy is it for you to buy a new pair of shoes without your partner having a discussion about how much money you’re spending? How often do you have feelings of guilt because you’ve bought something for yourself? You see, you’re not as independent as you think you are. The only truly independent women I know are the single ones.

I don’t spend my life shopping, lunching, having facials, mani’s and pedi’s. I sometimes wish I did, but then I also wish that I had a driver, a chef and a personal trainer. That would be such a lovely life. Just like you, I’m not a celebrity or some super rich person, so none of those things are possible. The only comment I’ll make about the voting issue – I believe we still live in a democratic country.

My question to you is this: do you ever hear me make snide little remarks about working women? Do I? “oh women who work really aren’t looking after their families properly.” “Working moms only do it for the money” “Those women just want to escape their kids”. No, that’s just rude. I really don’t care. That’s a choice you’ve made and it works for you and your family, so that’s it. It’s not even a discussion. I really don’t care how you live your life, just be a nice person. Your choices are your own, so too are my choices my own. 

I do think that as women, we should support each other whether we choose to work or not; have children or not; or whatever it might be, we should really just be supportive of one another. Also, if you have children, what are you teaching them? Especially the girls. There’s so much bullying in this world (and funny how when it’s adults on the internet it’s called shaming!), we really don’t need much more. Where’s the compassion and love? Or is that only reserved for the less fortunate than ourselves?

When I have a rant about something another woman has said, The Caveman likes to tell me that it’s just jealousy. most of the time I doubt that, I think it’s just plain meanness. I think it’s just someone trying to make themselves feel better because they have issues- feeling inadequate as a wife and mother maybe? Just trying to convince themselves that they’re actually better off. You know what? Own your life and your choices. Feel good about them, enjoy them and live your life. Support your female friends and family in their choices. As the adage goes, “Live and let live.” And do it with flair and glamour and a smile.

C’mon ladies, we can do so much better.



One thought on “Ladies…

  1. That is really mean, it’s the negative opinions that is added to it that makes it sound so horrible as well. ‘I couldn’t stay at home..’ fine.. thats a preference, some people need to be out of the house etc ‘..and do nothing’ presumptous!!


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