<html><head></head><body>The Christmas Feeling<div>It’s my bestest most favouritist time of year.&nbsp;</div><div>I love birthdays because it’s the one day in the year where we get to celebrate YOU! We celebrate all the good things about you and you get gifts which speak to you. Gifts, which most times, are thought out by friends and family, and which celebrate you and everything about you.&nbsp;</div><div>Christmas! Christmas! The time of year which celebrates every good thing in humanity. It’s the time of year where we are more inclined to be more charitable. Where adults spend hours trying to figure out ways to make Santa more magical for kids.&nbsp;</div><div>December 2005/6… We had the family over at our house for Christmas. A lovely Christmas Eve dinner followed by chats and games and ‘stuff’. It came to the time when the adults HAD TO &nbsp;throw the kids into bed. We herded the kids up, took them into a bedroom on the far side of the house. While the dads and grandparents rushed around fetching bags of gifts from cars, my sister and I got the kids seated on a bed and she told them the Christmas story. (There’s a lot of planning which goes into magic). While C told the kids the story of Christmas, I ran outside with little bells in hand. I stood outside the bedroom window and listened to my sisters story. At THAT point, I jingled the bells, and The Caveman (recruited earlier); did, in his loud voice, a huge “HoHoHo!”, while I jingled the bells. Those little kids could hardly breathe, but they managed to go to sleep. Eventually.&nbsp;</div><div>Christmas morning arrived and those littlies where awake before the birds.&nbsp;</div><div>Kids running to the Christmas tree to find their gifts. Adults schloomfing behind thinking of coffee and more sleep. The kids start opening their gifts. All the ooo’s and aah’s, then one of them… Little Horse Girl; she got a McDonalds toy till with accessories. Her reaction is the reason I love Christmas- her eyes lit up, she screamed “Look what I got!!!” &nbsp;That moment had and always will have ALL the Christmas joy and magic for me.&nbsp;</div><div>There are so many people I know who hate/dislike Christmas, but watch a child open a gift and all your magic will be restored.&nbsp;</div><div>Merry merry merry happy happy Christmas.&nbsp;</div></body></html>

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