This whole thing of telling you a ‘little about myself’ always freaks me out. What if I tell you that I dream of being a psychopathic serial killer? Or a husband poisoner? Would you read my blog? Would you judge me? I think I might’ve chosen the worst career path for my demented personality- being a writer (or aspiring writer). There’s no better place to be constantly judged. I think it might be one of God’s crazy jokes.
Whether you believe in the Christian Almighty God or Buddah or Allah, when I wake up in the mornings , I still think it’s my God’s (the Christian one) way of playing ‘The Sims’ with me.
I’ve been married since 1996. Yes, I have to count using my fingers and toes. We have 2 teenage children, who are in that stage of sometimes talking to you, sometimes grunting at you and sometimes ignoring you. I won’t lie and tell you that all my years with The Caveman have been a love-fest. Quite the contrary- it’s been that roller coaster ride you hear of. Then kids on top of that??? Stretch and Mouse have made the ride one of those crazy gotta-go-if-you’re-brave-enough roller coaster rides.
The Caveman is my long-suffering, ADHD(my diagnosis) husband. He has his own path in life, and sometimes it’s way far from the path we travel together. As men and husbands go, he’s a good one. We’ve been through so much together and we always come out at the other side.
Stretch our son, born in 1998, has out-grown me by A LOT! He has that teenage thing- a filthy, dirty slob who never cleans his room; wakes up at the last possible moment for breakfast and school and sometimes talks to you in a half decent way.
Then Mouse… Gosh! Who knew girls could be so difficult? It’s not just the thing about growing up and becoming a teenage girl, it’s got more to do with growing up and not becoming a nasty bitch.
When I was twelve, I was still collecting stickers and playing with dolls. Maybe times have changed; or maybe I’ve become really old. Then again, maybe times have changed?
Sometimes I think that I might go mad. My family all talk over each other, they laugh, cry and shout over each other; and I stand and think “WTF?” and all the while I’m actually trying to talk. So, I watch general knowledge type game shows on TV, so that I can prove my intelligence and then hopefully they’ll listen to the free history lessons I have.
That’s why I write: somewhere out there in the world there might just be somebody who actually is interested in my random thoughts and general craziness. Welcome!

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