Dear women everywhere, What kind of drugs are we all on? It seems we all go around telling everybody to live their lives and be themselves, but oh how we love to criticize each other. Recently I’ve received another snide little remark about my life. I’m a stay-at-home mom; a housewife; whatever you want to … More Ladies…


There seems to some confusion re my last post – “Are You Going To Put That In Your Mouth?”. No, even now; my dear Caveman; it’s nothing sexual. Sorry. The confusion seems to be over whether I’m pro or anti GMO’s s etc. Truth is that I’m about as confused as the rest of you … More Clarity


PATHWAYS Paths of crazy paving Run through my mind. Winding down unknown slopes. Through forests of green. I hear a sound. Thunder-like. Behind. Beside. Closing me in. I run. My feet stationary. I crawl. My body erect. I scream. My voice silent. my hands, an atlas of fear, Cover my face, my ears. Still I … More PATHWAYS

Distance Traveled

Distance Traveled (written at God’s Window) I traveled So far to smell the breath of a million angels. So far to touch the deep blue sky. So far to see into eternity. So far to find the peace within my spirit. So far to hear the silence within my mind. …So far to discover all … More Distance Traveled