Drunk Pasta

This recipe has been around for a while and I always have a good laugh at restaurants who claim that they’ve invented it. You might see it on the menu as some sort of pasta dish with a vodka sauce. This is my version. I list ingredients in the order that they’re used. Also, unless … More Drunk Pasta


There seems to some confusion re my last post – “Are You Going To Put That In Your Mouth?”. No, even now; my dear Caveman; it’s nothing sexual. Sorry. The confusion seems to be over whether I’m pro or anti GMO’s s etc. Truth is that I’m about as confused as the rest of you … More Clarity

On My Balcony

On My Balcony The clouds are low today. I know if I go down, Down and still down, The earth will be warm And brown. Muddy from the Rainy days past. The clouds are silent, Gently swirling. Stirred by God. Quietly I stand in His cappuccino.


PATHWAYS Paths of crazy paving Run through my mind. Winding down unknown slopes. Through forests of green. I hear a sound. Thunder-like. Behind. Beside. Closing me in. I run. My feet stationary. I crawl. My body erect. I scream. My voice silent. my hands, an atlas of fear, Cover my face, my ears. Still I … More PATHWAYS


INNOCENCE There is a street in this town Where the children play all day. They like to sing And play their life ambitions. The rhymes don’t make much sense. The words are funny. The words are cruel, But they sing them anyway. Walk with me down the street. Listen to the voice Echoing in your … More Innocence