Sometime back someone commented on the fact that I haven’t written a blog post for some time. This is true. However, I am not sure if ‘faceplant!’ should continue. It has been good – much fun has been had along with many thoughts. I had felt that I had a place to voice my deep … More ENOUGH!!

Drunk Pasta

This recipe has been around for a while and I always have a good laugh at restaurants who claim that they’ve invented it. You might see it on the menu as some sort of pasta dish with a vodka sauce. This is my version. I list ingredients in the order that they’re used. Also, unless … More Drunk Pasta


There seems to some confusion re my last post – “Are You Going To Put That In Your Mouth?”. No, even now; my dear Caveman; it’s nothing sexual. Sorry. The confusion seems to be over whether I’m pro or anti GMO’s s etc. Truth is that I’m about as confused as the rest of you … More Clarity

On My Balcony

On My Balcony The clouds are low today. I know if I go down, Down and still down, The earth will be warm And brown. Muddy from the Rainy days past. The clouds are silent, Gently swirling. Stirred by God. Quietly I stand in His cappuccino.